Madden 20: What are You Hoping to See?

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Madden 20: What are You Hoping to See?

Post by Mike Lowe » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:53 am

We're halfway to Madden 20, and we've had a lot of time thus far with Madden 19. What are you hoping to see for Madden 20? Here are a few of mine to get the conversation started.

Diversity in Scheme Fits
For me, I'd like to see some diversity in ways team can use different archetypes that "fit" their system. My Lions are using a power run vertical offense, yet we drafted a superstar RB (Shaunn Dean) in the 1st round who's a receiving back. I like to have a power back, but then a complimentary player like Shaunn Dean will be for us, but he shouldn't be penalized for that. In actuality, Dean is going to be our feature back, and I'll use the power back to compliment him. However, as it stands now, I"d need to shift some players around to make that happen.

It's manageable as I've started to see the benefits of training a player's secondary ratings, but it shouldn't be this big of a deal.

More Control of Franchise
There are a ton of different elements to this one, but two I'd like to see would be the ability to turn on/off things like Ball Hawk for an entire league. I'd also really like some control over the impact "stat/award chasing" has over XP. We can control this somewhat with XP sliders, but I'm actually in the minority of people who LIKE the randomness of only being able to upgrade certain traits, and I'd actually enjoy seeing more randomness. To me, if a player has already won an award, he's a dominant player. Why would he need 10 more upgrades to make a strong team even stronger? It's bad for parity. Awards should impact things like coach prestige as that's fun to track, but doesn't have a ton of impact on the game (coach prestige is different than coach XP).

More Community
I talked about this in more detail in another post, but I'd like to see Madden do whatever it can to bring people in a league together more. Let's use the draft as an example--we see a strong turnout for this, and it generates a lot of buzz for the members in our league. So let's have some ways to do that in other parts of the season/offseason. If you check out the post I linked above in this paragraph, you'll see some ideas about integrating more commish/streaming options which would be great additions.
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Re: Madden 20: What are You Hoping to See?

Post by MummasBoy24 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:49 pm

Schemes and better draft pools plus more attention to gameplay. Seems like some of it this year was rough and gameplay should always be number one.

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Re: Madden 20: What are You Hoping to See?

Post by 565656gg » Sat Jan 23, 2021 3:31 am

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