CPU Roster Management Logic

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CPU Roster Management Logic

Post by Billy4NY » Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:39 am

This post is meant to be the first of many entries about CPU Roster Management Logic issues found within my 32-Team Falcons CFM. However, I do not want to identify issues just for the sake of pointing out flaws and complaining about them. I want to identify a solution if one exists. Where a solution does not exist then a proposal will be offered. Additionally, each issue will be assigned an Impact Rating and a Feasibly Fixable Rating. These terms are defined as:
  • Impact Rating: Scale from 1 to 5. How much of an impact does this have on the immersive CFM experience that most players set out to experience? A 1 would be an issue that is only noticeable to hardcore CFM gamers and would otherwise go unnoticed season to season. A 5 would be assigned to something glaring within the game that cannot be corrected by the gamer.
  • Feasibly Fixable: Scale from 1 to 5. What is the likelihood that this issue could be addressed by game developers given the complexity and subjectivity of the issue? A 1 would be a simple error within the game that someone would assume could be corrected by a game developer. A 5 would be an issue that does not have a black and white solution and would most likely still be considered an issue even after countless hours at attempting to correct the issue.
After staying undefeated against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11, I come into Week 12 of my 32-Team Falcons CFM wondering what the rest of the league is up to. Earlier in the season, I made the decision that the most prominent rookie QBs should be starting for their teams due to the fact that they are the most skilled QB on their team or because their team had yet to record a win. Now, in Week 12, I am wondering if any of these rookie QBs will still have the starting job next year as none of them have progressed...at all. This brings me to my second concern about Madden 19 CPU Roster Management Logic: Progressing Players. My first concern, which I addressed earlier in this paragraph, is the CPU's Depth Chart Decisions. Both of these will be addressed below in my first entry on this thread.

Please comment below and let me know if you disagree with my ratings or have additional context to add.

#1 Depth Chart Decisions
The CPU's inability to differentiate a young talent with above average development from an ageing talent with higher attributes has always been an issue. The decisions that NFL teams make account for things outside of the player's stats or performance at practice. They consider things like contract information, team record, fan support (or lack thereof), future expectations, and many other intangible things. Knowing this and also knowing how Madden has been for the past ~15 years (my experience), I do not expect EA to be able to program the CPU's Depth Chart Decisions in a way that would fix every issue and make all gamers satisfied. Knowing that this is a critical part of the NFL though, EA did provide us with the tools to correct decisions that we disagree with, 32-Team Control. With this, I have been able to step into the front office of every NFL team in my franchise and make the call on who should start and who should sit.
  • Solution: Setting up 32-Team Control - Allows the user to adjust the depth chart of any team
  • Impact Rating: 3
  • Feasibly Fixable 5
#2 Player Progression
With the addition of Schemes, Player Archetypes, and Skill Points, Madden 19 has new features to Franchise mode that should improve the overall player progression process. As an end user of these tools, I can say that I am a fan of these changes as it has closed some the loopholes that were able to be exploited in the past and has also reduced the amount of "Menu Time" required to progress my players. It does not appear that the CPU getting the same advantage out of these features as I am though. For example, as the Falcons I know that I have a young defense and a young wide receiver that all deserve attention when it comes to training. I make sure to select trainings that focus on the positions on these positions so that they can progress quickly compared to the rest of my team. The CPU does not appear to take the same approach. For most teams that have 1st round rookie QB's, they hardly ever select a team training that focuses on the QB position. This causes that players growth to be half as much, if not worse, than it could be.

The severity of this issue will truly be seen in future seasons and I will revisit this one after I have completed a few. The solution of 32-Team Control for this issue is available, but extremely time-consuming. So although I do list a solution below, it is worth noting that I do not consider this solution as viable as others.
  • Solution: Setting up 32-Team Control - Allows the user to perform training for any team
  • Impact Rating: 4
  • Feasibly Fixable 3
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Until my next entry, good luck in your CFM's (offline or online) and remember to hold L1 when throwing over the middle of the field.

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Re: CPU Roster Management Logic

Post by Mike Lowe » Tue Aug 28, 2018 12:09 pm

Excellent post here, Billy!

Dynamic roster management--based on more than just player ranking--is something we really don't hear much about, yet something we can all agree is important. Baseball gets young players playing time with 40-man roster call-ups, the NFL does what you're saying in getting reps for younger players when a team is out of contention, and even my Red Wings have caught slack in real life for not playing younger players more and being too loyal to overpaid vets (hello, Justin Abdelkader).

We're keeping a close eye on progression in our PS4 CFM, and I've actually had plenty of players progress by at least 1 OVR. I'm a 1-3 team too, so it's odd to see the AI not handling this as well. What do you have your progression frequency setting at? I know folks usually used "Every 4 weeks" with the best success the past few years.
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