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FHM Trade Policy

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With the release of FHM 5 we are restarting our hockey league with the 2018-2019 rosters. In an effort to make sure teams are not completely dismantled quickly and then abandoned as previously happened the following rules will be implemented for the SSG FHM Hockey league. These rules are subject to change at this time and all league GM's will be notified by email and slack if any changes are made. Please carefully read below. If you have any issues or thoughts please contact the league commissioner at ssghockey@gmail.com

1. GMs will only be able to make 1 trade each month in the first season that they participate in the league. Each team will have 1 exception they can use during the season if they wish to make an additional move. During the initial waiver period to start the season,trade deadline week and the NHL Entry draft teams will be able to make a maximum of 3 trades. This rule applies to every member initially regardless of their membership in our previous league or other SSG leagues.
We will discuss further limits at the end of the 2018-19 season on if we will have any limitations after 1 year. New GM's are also subject to the SSG Trade Committee rules as outlined below these rules in section B. New members this year will have their membership clock start once we begin our official season even though we are currently testing.

2. A maximum of 5 players, draft picks or the rights to a player may be moved in a trade. Players traded must remain with the organization they are traded to for a minimum of 30 days. Teams will also have 1 exception they can use in the year if they wish to move a player before this time limit expires. Draft picks may only be moved that are for the current season and next season after. Please note salary retention is not possible in game and as such not allowed. Conditions such as they player resigning with a team for better picks are not allowed. Players that sign an offer sheet (or matched) are not able to be traded for 1 year.

3. If more then 2 teams are part of a trade, the trade must be posted as such and a maximum of 5 players,draft picks or prospects can be moved for each team in total.

4. No Trade and No Movement clauses will be respected. Teams can attempt to trade a player with a No Trade Clause however in game the player may refuse to go to another team when the commissioner(s) attempts to process the trade. A commissioner cannot force the trade through. If a player refuses a team the decision will be respected and no further attempts will be made.

5. Injured players may not be traded. A player with a day to day injury (yellow band aid) may be traded. A player with a red band aid may not.

6. Trades must be posted in the Finalized Trades forum found at this link: viewforum.php?f=117
Please Include both team in the Subject field. Example Vancouver - Vegas Trade.
Teams must post the player Position (G,LD,RD,LW,C,RW) Full Name and level they play at if contracted (NHL,AHL,ECHL)
If trading the rights to a player include the position and name and say the rights (e.g, Rights to LD Quinn Hughes)
If trading a draft pick include the Year of the pick, round and if it a pick from another team you previously acquired a draft pick from.
Teams must also include their rationale for making the trade. It does not have to be long winded but must be more then 1 sentence.

7. The other GM(s) must reply in the same thread confirming the deal and their rationale also for the trade. For trades that require the SSG trade committee to approve there may be additional time involved in approving the deal before it goes through in game. The daily sim will not wait for this approval normally. We will do our best to approve the trade in a timely manner. The league commissioner(s) will approve or deny the trade in the thread and then process the trade in game during the next sim if approved.

Section B
SSG Trade Committee ( All SSG Leagues)
The SSG Trade Committee was put in place in July of 2016 to ensure new members are not taken advantage of by any <cough> crafty veterans of SSG. An added benefit to the temporary trade restrictions below is that it forces a new member to examine their team and let some time play out, an important element in a daily sim universe such as this. In the end, these restrictions provide temporary guidance for our new members, promotes league parity (a good thing), and combats super-team-building which often times comes from taking advantage of new members who have a lot of information to take in.

First 2 weeks of membership – No trades are permitted. Period.

Weeks 3-6 of membership – Trade committee oversees and approves all submitted trades. Trades will be discussed by the committee privately, and one commissioner will post a final vote and justification that represents the overall stance of the committee. Approval will be decided upon within 24 hours of a trade being submitted.

For a trade to qualify during this stage, a member must have demonstrated consistent exporting of their team.
The trade committee will also ensure that any players traded in this phase have been playing in a normal capacity, and not having been sat to avoid injuries, etc. We consider this tampering, and trade suspecting of tampering will be rejected.

First 6 months of membership – The trade committee will monitor any posted deals, yet are not required to post official approval. The committee does, however, hold the right to veto any trade that is deemed unfair.
Beyond 6 months of membership – Trade at your own risk!

It does not matter the time of year a new member joins, including any upcoming trade deadlines.
A new member is anyone added to a league they were not previously a part of in the previous sim. This includes current members of other SSG leagues and even former members of the same SSG league.
While the committee has the final say, we encourage other members to share their thoughts on any deal they feel is unfair for the league. Of course, we aren’t looking to block trades that simply make someone’s rival more dangerous, but we are always interested in hearing concerns as we aren’t perfect, and may very well miss something important.


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