Setup & Exporting

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Setup & Exporting

Post by SSGN8 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:32 pm

Please follow these instructions

Join a League Initial Setup (GM)
First verify you have FHM 6 version 6.8 Build 80 installed. It will show the version number in the top left of the initial screen when you start FHM 6.
The easiest way to get to the correct directory is to launch FHM 6 and navigate to this in game by going to the following menus Settings>Troubleshooting>Open customizable data folder
This will open the FHM 6 directory and you will see the saved_games folder. Extract the league folder in here and relaunch FHM 6. You should now see the ssgfhm.lg league to load in the load game menu.
You will want to save the ssgfhm.lg folder you find in the saved_games folder to the quick access sidebar in windows or favorites in OSX. This will allow you to easily extract the league files that we update each sim to load the newest file once it is posted.
Verify the date in game to what is posted on Discord to make sure you have the correct file.

Normally the directory should be User>Documents>Out of the Park Developments>Franchise Hockey Manager 6>saved_games regardless of if you bought it off Steam or OOTP.

For easy setup just download the ENTIRE folder from
open the .zip file and extract the ssgfhm.lg folder found within into the FHM 6 saved_games folder
Normally you will then need to update to the latest file through the website link or the latest google link (recommended) provided in our discord channel for up to date game files after this, but it makes the initial setup easy.

If you have issues getting the above method to extract for some reason
there is an alternate download without the graphics folder inside. This slim version is found at
You install it to the same FHM saved_games folder

If you want the official graphics you will then need to download the graphics pack at
and drag it into the ssgfhm.lg folder you have installed. Otherwise the game will make generic logos and no player mug shots.

When a new file is ready it will be announced on Slack. Currently in the regular season and playoffs the sims will be done Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm PST and 12:30pm PST on Saturday & Sunday
It is best to download from the link I share in discord from the google drive however you will also be able to download from our website currently.
Download by navigating on the league site at Text Sims>FHM Hockey>Info & Support
You will see the link for League File
The link is
You will want to refresh the page before downloading to make sure you get the newest file

Once the file is downloaded please extract the files to the ssgfhm.lg folder and let them overwrite the files within that folder.
Once complete load the game and you should see the current date in game.

I strongly suggest you create a password on your first export within the manager options area and do not forget it.
Prepare a Team File and upload it (GM)
1. Do your normal changes.
2. After you are done select File -> Online League -> Export your Team via FTP.
3. The game will now try to upload your file. It should give you a successful message after a few second to a minute depending on your upload speed.
4. If the game will not export try to verify the gm file in game.

Thanks to Armando (Carolina GM) you can also track your exports here:

You should NOT need to do the next step in our league
4. Should it not be possible to upload your file, you can send it via email to your Commish.
5. Go to your league game folder (ssgfhm.lg) and then into the "import_export" folder. Just send the team file via email (
Please notify me on slack that you did this.


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